Who we are

Marshall Wallace leads collaborative learning exercises where people and communities learn practical lessons from their own experience. For more than a dozen years, he directed the Do No Harm Project, a global collaborative learning project on how inputs to communities change social dynamics. He co-authored Opting Out of War: Strategies to Prevent Violent Conflict, investigating communities in conflict zones who developed strategies to exempt themselves from the conflict. He is often invited to speak and teach about conflict, assistance, understanding impacts, developing options, and the power of listening. Contact him at marshall@consultbrevity.com.

Critt Jarvis builds connections with people and whatever media are at hand. Believing in the power of self-publishing and the options afforded by an open internet, he built one of the first and still among the most interesting “web presences” for Thomas PM Barnett, broadening a conversation about The Pentagon’s New Map. His notion of social media is connecting in conversation, face to face. He’d like to talk to you. Contact him at critt@consultbrevity.com.